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Nov 14th - 

As many of you know , I have moved to Washington DC in August 2020 to start a new journey in my life. The journey to improve education in Brazil. As my son Nicolas has started his college journey at University of North Florida, I have decided to continue mine. So here I am a PhD student at University of Maryland, the most beautiful campus you can ever visit! My major: International Education Policy. Oh, boy , am I going to love this?

Brazil has always being a passion of mine. That is where I was born and became me. I moved to the USA when I was 30, so most of my life was in Brazil. I love Brazil, I love the spontaneity of Brazil, its culture, its people, its way of life.I also see there are a lot to improve in term of public policy. I believe in given fair choices to everyone. I believe that every person has the ability to live a happy life if given the right tools and the right opportunities.

A happy life may be a different life from mine, and that's not me to decide. But every person should be given the chance to decide and the tools to make it happen regardless of their birth place, their race, their ability.

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